Unique Design service

The design of a Planet Dryer conveyor can be as unique or complex as required to match every customer’s individual specifications.

Conveyors – Elevating

The conveyors can be produced with either fixed or variable speed drive. The flight pitches and heights can be designed to suit the specific product and throughput. The angles of incline will be incorporated to suit your specific requirements. Units can also be supplied with integral in-feed hopper and discharge chute.

Conveyors – Flat Belt

Flat belt conveyors are available with either fixed or variable speed drives. The dimensions and configuration are individually tailored to suit each application. All conveyors are easy to clean and the standard units are delivered complete with belt de-tensioning and self-tracking facilities.

Conveyors – Vibratory

Vibrating conveyors use the electromagnetic or natural frequency principle. Planet Dryers vibrator units are all designed to the highest quality industry standard with all materials allowing for easy cleaning, minimum maintenance so ensuring continuous trouble free operation.