Flavour Systems

Flavour Drum

To meet all the current hygiene standards and legal requirements the Planet Dryers’ Flavour Coating Drum is manufactured from stainless steel with bent baffles. This design requires a minimum number of seam welds aiding both hygiene and the ease in cleaning.

To ensure a full and even coating the retention time is fully controlled by adjusting the angle of the drum to suit both the required levels of coating and required throughputs.

For total ease of manoeuvrability the unit is mounted on castors and comes complete with screw jacks to guarantee stability during operation.

Coating System

To match all specific requirements a special flavour coating system has been designed which consists of two spherical mixing tanks, each equipped with its own mixer.

To also ensure that the flavours are kept at the correct temperature for coating both water jackets and electrical immersion heaters are also incorporated within the designs.

A variable speed peristaltic pump meters the flavour to the nozzles where the flavour is atomised.