Cost effective uniform drying

Our range of dryers are specifically designed to produce a variety of airflow systems across a wide range of applications that include cereals, snacks and nuts, pet food and aqua feeds and much, much more. Each machine provides an excellent drying performance so ensuring a uniformly dried product and a cost effective operation.

The drying process is created by an even circulation of heated air through a bed of material as it is carried through the dryer chamber on a conveyor band.

At Planet Dryers we fully understand that many processes require absolutely precise temperatures. So the drying chamber can be divided into any number of drying sections, each including an air heater and circulating fan together with fresh air inlet and exhaust facilities, giving the ability to have counter-flow air systems.

Our bespoke range of conveyor-band dryers are individually designed to suit each application and to take into account every industry’s specific requirements for hygiene, accessibility and efficiencies.

The range of band dryers include: single pass, single pass / multi-stage and multi-pass units.

All Planet Dryers are of modular design to minimise installation times and reduce transport costs.

The heating systems can be tailored to operate by gas, steam, thermal oil or electric; whichever matches your individual operating requirements.

Features include: stainless steel construction, full access doors all around the drying section, a range of belts including woven mesh, woven mesh with integral side guides and slatted band, upwards/downwards airflow, fully insulated panels and doors, even air distribution, variable speed conveyor drives and air recirculation. Tempering sections, Apron Feeders, ’Picking’ devices and granulators to suit specialist applications.